Digital Experience in Travel & Transportation

Digital Experience in Travel & Transportation

When researched, the #1 thing that travellers want to feel is “Special.” Often what travellers feel today is “stress”. Digital experience capabilities over the past 15 years have provided support to “de-stress” elements of travel experiences but rarely have they delivered a feeling that the provider really understands the customer travel experience and delivers what they want and need. They want to know their providers understand them and their situation and that special things are being done for them.

NIIT Technologies has been ranked as #1 amongst the Travel Technology Service Providers. We are at the heart of delivering some of the most impactful digital experiences for airlines, airports, rail, and other travel providers.

Key Features

NIIT Technologies enables travel providers to:

  • Fast track security for frequent travellers
  • Use mobile tracking apps with exception notification and simple status dashboards,
  • Enable passengers through constantly improving mobile apps etc.
  • Enable digital and social media driven travel companies
  • Enable innovation to ensure you stay current with and ahead of innovations like AI, VR/AR and IOT

The NIIT Technologies Advantage 

  • Deep experience in delivering the world’s best digital travel experiences making people "Feel Special."
  • Ranked as the leading global travel technologies services provider.
  • Leading commercial solutions ranging from Cosys cargo management to passenger service to Mona Lisa revenue management.
  • Deep experience in the core applications that underpin travel experiences
  • Credentials across all digital channels
  • Partnerships with many of the leading multichannel experience platform providers
  • Extensive experience in native coding environments.
  • Comprehensive end to end ideation, execution, testing and experience devops
  • Agility, cost, and reliability
  • Focus on Experience and Business Process Improvement
  • Digital Innovation Leadership applied to Travel

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