Digital Analytics in Airlines

Digital Analytics in Airlines

In Airlines, digital analytics focuses on the movement from passenger psychology to customer psychology, optimizing the customer experience and maximizing airline profitability in an increasingly competitive world. It helps align the airline brand and service provision, from value to premium, with customer expectations, ensuring maximum employee productivity and the ecosystem of business partners to deliver today’s and tomorrow’s world class air travel experience. Passengers are not just consumers of travel services but also consume multiple other Ancillary services provided by the airlines today, which drive an increasing percentage of profitability.

Key Features

NIIT Technologies enables customer insights about the airlines customers through the following solutions:

  • Route Profitability Analyser: It offers effective pre- and post-flight analysis helping maximize profitability and increased productivity.
  • Revenue Analytics: A powerful tool to help you with accounting accuracy in airlines, including automated processing and increased forecasting.
  • Digital Foresight: It enables movement from customer insight to predictive digital foresight through a combination of internal and external data with world-class tradecraft to deliver transformative business outcomes.

The NIIT Technologies Advantage 

  • Market-leading Digital Foresight offering that combines internal and external data, and predictive behavior trajectories to deliver business results
  • Deep experience in using customer and other data to enhance core and ancilliary revenues, predict risks, maximize non-human revenues, optimize crew and equipment and make all customers "Feel Special"
  • Ranked as the leading global travel technologies services provider.
  • Leading commercial solutions ranging from Cosys cargo management to passenger service to Mona Lisa revenue management.
  • Deep expertise in core applications that underpin the travel business model and feed analytics platforms
  • Partnerships and experience with many of the leading analytics platforms
  • Agility, cost-efficiencies, and reliability

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