Digital Experience

Digital Experience

NIIT Technologies designs and delivers experiences that touch deeply held emotional needs, and are described as Digital Emotionally Empathetic Experiences (Digital E3). We have identified the deep-seated needs of customers, employees, and business partners in our core target industries and are focused on developing rigorous points of view and strategies for our clients to pursue them.

Digital Experience is one of the core pillars of NIIT Technologies’ digital strategy. Given people’s evaluation of experiences against the three criteria of Ease, Effectiveness, and Emotional Resonance, it is the Digital E3s that truly maximize customer, employee, and business partner assessments of experiences. In turn, this maximizes the value they get from the experiences and their likelihood to use, reuse, and recommend these digital capabilities, and, therefore, impacts your digital Return on Investment (ROI), operating profitability, and competitive positioning.

Digital Experience comprises the largest portfolio of work for NIIT Technologies. Whether targeting traditional websites, mobile apps, emerging social media, messaging, devices, wearables, the Internet of Things, or the upcoming revolution of virtual reality/augmented reality and Intelligent Business combining Digital and Artificial Intelligence, we focus our services on delivering laser-focused, industry-specific experiences such as:

what we mean by digital e3


We deliver digital experiences through

  • E-commerce: Provide online capability to drive revenue growth through end-to-end scalable infrastructure of payment gateways, among other services.
  • User Experience Design: Create a consistent and seamless framework to support overall user experience by designing digital touchpoints.
  • Multichannel: Enable engagement with customers across digital channels in a seamless and comprehensive manner.
  • Portals: Transform customer management systems and provide Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) features to enable effective data management.
  • Social Integration: Enrich customer engagement by integrating touchpoints via social networks.
  • Mobility: Deliver a fast, attractive, and consistent experience across all devices—from responsive websites to native mobile applications.

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Alliances & Partners

We have strategic partnerships with leading organizations in the industry that enable us to strengthen our Digital Experience.

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

  • Deep experience in delivering the world’s leading easy, effective, and emotionally resonant digital experiences
  • Recognized and deeply experienced leaders in travel, investment banking, insurance, manufacturing and media verticals
  • Rich experience in the core applications that underpin experiences
  • Impressive credentials across all digital channels
  • Large network of partnerships with many leading multichannel experience platform providers
  • Extensive experience in native coding and platform environments.
  • Comprehensive end-to-end ideation, execution, testing, and Devops experience
  • Data, integration, and infrastructure experience to ensure quality of experience
  • Agility, cost, and reliability
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